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  • "The chain, which serves Sarawak kolo mee and pan mee, has 30 outlets across Malaysia, with an annual turnover of more than $9 million, and sells more than 2 million bowls of noodles, among other dishes."

  • "东马砂拉越的百年老面店去年底来到新加坡,不但提供传统手工制作的原味古早面,也融入更现代化的口味抢攻食客味蕾"

  • "The noodles made were enjoyably thin, and not as curly as the other brands that I know about. The ‘bite’ was enjoyable – cooked al dente, with a chewy, springy, eggy texture"

  • "Nothing can be more comforting than a bowl of House Specialty Pan Mee. The thick and flat noodles has a good bite with a bowl of cloudy soup that’s not too oily or salty. Slurping the pan mee is profoundly therapeutic."

  • "Noodles were made daily because no preservatives were used. The egg yolk is still runny so you can mix it in with the noodles. It is best eaten with the special homemade fried chilli."

  • "面对面 浪来了

  • "创办人不急速扩张,面对面坚持最初热忱。透过厂房的设立,各分店获同品质食材及酱料,品质管理也易掌控。透明化厨房作业,让客户吃得安心...卫生和舒适为核心概念,以别于一般美食中心的经营方式突围。"

  • "The noodles were pleasantly fine and springy while the minced pork was savoury and flavourful...Overall it’s easy to see why these noodles are so successful in their home country...I loved the dishes and I’m already making plans to come back."

  • "When I compare Face to Face to other food in this price range—the value set is only $9.90, available all day, everyday—Face to Face is one of the best food I ate this year."

  • "While the noodles may seem dry at first glance due to the lack of any sauce, the onsen egg provides enough liquid to act as a binder when you mix up it all up. The chili flakes seem to disappear from sight, and with comforting yolk coating every strand, there is no warning – or scent – of the Armageddon that is headed your way."

  • "The handmade noodles were cooked just right and al dente, the flavours were rich and spot on... Portions were hearty and value for money."

  • "...my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the simple meal and get-together at Face To Face Noodle House, and we all agreed that we would come back to the restaurant again for their delicious home-made noodles."

  • "配面吃的干辣椒,则由虾米和辣椒等材料一起翻炒4小时制成。让食客每一口都能尝到用心,就是品牌成功的秘诀吧。"

  • "又滑又溜的板面,配搭自制炒得干香的辣椒油,洒在板面上。吃下口,就知道香辣筋道口味爽的感觉!

  • "Traditional taste of Kolok Mee, with special-made Char Siew sauce and minced meat that adds a homely feel to the taste.”

  • "Green themed interior gives a comfy and relax feel to the environment.”

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