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Pan Mee

Chilli Pan Mee (Dry)

Homemade noodles served with minced pork, crispy anchovies, onsen egg and with house specialty dry chilli.

House Specialty Pan Mee (Dry/Soup)

Homemade noodles in rich broth served with minced pork, crispy anchovies and onsen egg.

Genki Herbal Chicken Pan Mee (Soup)

Homemade noodles in traditional herbal soup served with tender chicken, enoki mushrooms and various herbs.

Creations Pork Pan Mee (Dry)

Homemade noodles served with minced pork, cooked in signature gravy, wantan crisps, braised egg and meat balls.

Sarawak Cuisine

Sarawak Laksa (Soup)

Rice vermicelli in prawn-based laksa broth served with juicy prawns, chicken stripes, shredded egg, crunchy bean sprouts and fish cake slices.

Traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee (Dry)

Springy homemade noodles served with minced pork, char siew, and fried wantans.


Bacon Cheese Balls (3 pcs)

Juicy cheese ball wrapped in crispy bacon.

Chef's Special Fried Wantan (5pcs)

Deep fried wantan with meat fillings.

Deep Fried Fish Cake (1 pc)

Fried fish cakes.

Crunchy Fried Chicken Wings (2 pcs)

Deep fried marinated chicken wings.

Stuffed Cheese Scallops (3 pcs)

Fried juicy stuffed scallop shells.

Stuffed Crab Bites (3 pcs)

Succulent meat stuffed in crab shells.

Braised Egg (1 pc)

Onsen Egg (1 pc)


Chrysanthemum Liquorice (Chilled)

Chrysanthemum, liquorice, cane sugar

Red Date Fungus Sea Coconut (Chilled)

Red dates, white fungus, sea coconut, rock sugar

Lo Han Guo Longan (Chilled)

Longan, lo han guo, winter melon, honey dates, rock sugar, honey

Honey Lemon (Chilled)

Honey, lemon, caramel syrup

Multigrain Soymilk (Chilled)

Soya bean milk, purple brown rice, black sesame, barley, whole grains

Organic Green Tea (Hot)

100% organic green tea

Mineral Water (Bottled)

Water (Hot / Warm / Chilled)

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